Day 20 – No I don’t want any ракија lol

Interesting traveling to another country and visiting a group of 30 employees who are normally all used to hanging late with you and partying when you visit. Went with the ‘eating well and not drinking right now’ which is fine for now and all they need since 1. they all report up to several of my directors and managers and I don’t need chatter around the office and 2. I’ve lost about 15 pounds already and quite a few noticed, so it seems pretty legit.

Ah … ракија or Rakia (in English) that they all are proud of and love to share here and turned them down with a smile. I’ve even gotten the “even 1?” or “just one glass of wine with your dinner?” lol – but I’m fine.

I tried aa-online this week and was very disappointed. The chat room is always up, but they have “organized” meetings – hah. Nothing at all. Just more people show up for chatting. It was a complete bust, which was a bummer because I really thought I’d have a chance with it out here to give me ‘some’ type of outlet. But oh well, just need to deal with it. I’m busy enough so it’s been fine so far. And the jet lag gives me reasons to be tired and getting shit done at the hotel anyway so oh well.

Home seems ok but stressful wife and busy. Kids just out of school so they’re all running all over the place and my wife has turned back into a full time driver lol. She seems ok. Antsy to get home this time and can’t wait to head back Friday morning. Very anxious to get back to a meeting Saturday morning as well and see the gang and tell them I was successful. Feel good that I’m really not itching too much to party. It has been a ‘little’ tough, but really not bad overall at all. Pleased at the will power so far to just avoid it. Couple days left, but I’m confident they’ll be no issues.

On to step 4! Start my list of personal inventory…whatever that really means lol. Got the 12 step add-on book before I left and was anxious to read it until I realized my co-worker that traveled with me ended up in the seat next to me lol – oops.

2 more days of meetings and I know we’ll have 1 big night out before we leave, but should not be an issue since they all realize I’m not drinking. Day 20. Here we go.  🙂



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