Well…weird day. Just back from a week away in another country, managed to turn down about 15 attempts by other people throwing drinks at me or being around freebies in every direction..including free all you can drink flight and lounge at hotel…and i’m a bit i don’t know…in limbo.

Why. I don’t know. I feel good. I’m down a bunch of weight because I started low carb prior to the crash which got me back at AA. And I’m loving meetings. Look forward to going to them. Don’t want to miss them in mornings. Have a totally different attitude this time like nothing i’ve felt in past. so all good…right??  lol

I don’t know. I should have a sponsor by now and I don’t. I feel like i’m getting into step 4 which really truly needs a sponsor based on other feedback from others. Maybe that’s all that’s really bugging me. I don’t know. I feel like since I haven’t been hitting this hard as hell to get these things figured out i’m coasting…and i don’t want to say ‘oh i was travelling for a week’ or ‘haven’t found the right sponsor yet’…blah blah. but honestly…it is sort of true lol. Being in another tiny country for a week did sidetrack me. And reading at least while i was gone, attempting (which was a waste of time lol) and completely keeping myself sober in a position i could have drank the entire time without anyone knowing…should impress me. so i guess it does a little bit. shit. i just cannot pat myself on the back at any step along the way. it is too much a reminder of where i was last time…how i made it i think around 10 months completely on my own (after starting with a handful of meetings) – i had it. under control. oh yeah. then crashed again.

i don’t know. just finding it hard to feel like i’m accomplishing shit when this measly month i’m coming up to is only a fraction of what i’ve done…and i’m doing everything differently.

well. guy i trust coming tomorrow and he said he had some thoughts on sponsors and he’d let me know what he thinks. i wanted him but his sponsor doesn’t think he should at this time yet, so i asked him if he had any ideas. we’ll see.

should feel good. and while i ‘sort of’ do…just not feeling like jumping for joy at this point…but…excited to be feeling good health wise and sober wise. tons of comments at work at how i look like a different person in a great way, and even though i know my face loses weight first, so i do look a lot different quickly…i have to believe a huge part of it is stopping the drinking. it ages you. and it just makes you look like shit a lot of the time.

anyway…onward. and looking forward to hopefully getting some ideas on sponsors tomorrow. rock on. 🙂


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