I Have a Sponsor … Woohoo

Well…after waiting and taking my time a bit on being comfortable with someone I finally met with and hooked up with a sponsor.  Anxious to chat regularly with him and work the steps with him. 

Still chugging along (not best term I guess) and doing well.  1 month coin and feeling healthy and confident.  But not comfortable lol. I won’t let that feeling creep in. I’m fucked when it does. Doing daily meetings and almost without missing and I realize that is what keeps me going with this. That daily reminder is needed every day and it starts my day the way it needs to start. Looking back on 2 years ago that was where I failed. Got confident and feeling like I have everything in my control which is a fucking joke. I cannot control alcohol and that is the most important thing I need to remind myself every single day. Nothing about it can be controlled other than to not drink.

Going back over step 1 again with sponsor so I’ve now regressed back to step 1 for the third time lol. But this is ok and it’s the most important to embed in my brain so bring it. 👍

Glad to feel good. Glad to be sober. Glad to feel healthy and normal in the morning. Amazing how my brain works at the office when I’m not exhausted and out of it lol. What a concept.

Struggling a bit with the next week. Going to be dealing with some executive level outings with work and first pass since I’ve really officially stopped drinking. I’ve done it before I guess a bit but I would occasionally have one etc. and so this may feel a little different. But for now I’m going with I’m eating healthy and not drinking which is ok since I’ve lost a bunch of weight. We’ll see. My boss is taking a small group out for a fun celebration night so that will be an interesting evening. We will see.

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