Fuck this Funk

So sick of being in a funk the last few weeks. Fucking sucks. From work to home to kids to friends to relatives. Blah. Wtf. Just feel like I’ve been in a haze for 2-3 weeks and my brain is 50% off in space thinking about all the shit going on. It’s making me nuts and it’s showing. I’ve had numerous people asking “what’s wrong” and i just want to say fuck off lol.  

Weird. Zero urge to drink which is great. Just want to be in a better mood. Can’t figure it out. Think it’s just stress with job changes and unsure of future and waiting on new opportunity…stuff. Dunno.

Fell off no carb wagon though which has me a little concerned because I like fell head first off and devoured the carbs this weekend like they were life saving lol. But back on today so we’lol see. I’ve been so good but only half way to the weight I wanna lose so I’ll hopefully get back on track.

Pointless post bitching about the funk I’m in but if you have an issue with that fuck you lmao.

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