And…i’m jobless lol

Well. Saw it coming. But didn’t see it coming this fast lol. They decided to start chopping heads this week. I was let go on a Monday morning. Zero communication took place to my 80 team members. My directors didn’t know wtf to do. Everyone running around freaking out. Well played new company. Excellent work lmao.

I cannot help but just be so stumped as to why shit wasn’t done differently. It could have been so easy for everyone. I would have been happy to cooperate, work 1-2 weeks to help talk with my departments, at least try to make them feel a little more at ease. Just nuts. Why make chaos when it is completely necessary? I just don’t get it. I did nothing but rock the hell out of my job the last 2 1/2 years and build a team that just kicked ass. Hired great leaders. Changed everything. Morale was awesome. Turn-over was non-existent. Just baffles me how minds think sometimes. And…I can say with 100% confidence this had nothing to do with drinking! woohoo!! lol

But…decent severance…so whatever. Onward. But I’m somebody that just ‘needs to know’ so it’s making me crazy. but i’ll get over it. blah.

Market semi-decent now – so I’m hopeful. Looking promising and the sooner I find something the sooner I get double paid 🙂 so that’s a plus.

Onto the next journey!