Quiet but OK

Well. I’ve been a turd and very quiet and told myself I wouldn’t do that on my journal. But I’ve been busy as fuck. Jobless looking for work is stressful and a more than full time job. I’m happy to say that after only about 5 weeks I landed one. Woohoo! And at my level (not to sound like a complete fucking lamo…but seriously) this can be a very long process. I networked and did everything possible this time and I have to say that being sober this time helps a wee bit to say the least.

Psyched as hell with new company. New market space outside of healthcare and a small growing profitable company who want me to build up a complete new team. Should be a blast and I love everyone I’ve met so far. Start Monday and cannot wait. Beginning with 12 hours of leadership meetings and presenting on my first day lmao. Should be fun. No pressure lol.

Coming up on 4 months. Feeling good overall. No urges to drink at all which is so cool. Marriage rocky but hot and cold. Some great days some horrible days. I’m moody as fuck and cannot seem to work around that. Think no carb diet is adding fuel to an already blazing fire…not sure. Bit my sons head off yesterday and need to settle the fuck down, he’s such a sweet little dude. Over something g stupid to and I need to fix that shit.

After 15 years of wanting a particular make and model of car…I finally had my true mid life crisis and bought it lol. Had a few bucks from severance and overlapping salaries and found an incredible deal so I said fuck it. 9 year old car with only 30k miles on it and mint condition. I had to just say the hell with it. And it’s fun as hell and I’m glad I did lol. 420 horsies…black on black…manual trans…woohoo. Bring it lol. Exactly what I always wanted. 😀

Coming up on 4 months…feels like 10 lol. Step 4 starting…and it’s gonna be some interesting work. Sponsor says I better be ready…so this should be interesting.

Rock on.